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'Uniquelymine' was born out of a need to find unusual and unique items that reflect the character of the Giver. What you say, do, think and give says a lot about you...do you know that? Well, here at Itsuniquelymine, we believe in demonstrating and celebrating that individuality and uniqueness that is ...entirely YOU!. It is not necessarily what you say, that makes the most impact...but what you DO does.

Here at Uniquelymine, we endeavour to source items that have great style so that you can be confident in either wearing the clothing we sell or giving the gifts we showcase. We have Something Special for those who mean the most to you, whether it is your Best Friend, Partner,Husband,Wife,Mother,Children, Pet or even your Home!

Located in the English Countryside, we are surrounded by the natural beauty that we would like to encourage in our customers to emulate in your homes and in the  items we sell and that you buy!

This is a Family run business with a strong 'Family' Ethos - which is reflected in everything we sell. We believe in encouraging each other to be the best that we can be - resistant to outside pressure to be anything other than who we are.

You are welcome to contact us at: contact.itsuniquelymine@gmail.com should you have any questions regarding this store or even to be simply encouraged.

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